King Louie & Baby James CDs - Recorded live at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival and @ Jimmy Mak's

Live At the Waterfront Blues Festival, recorded at King Louie & Baby James' third gig together, captures an electrifying, soulful, and spontaneous performance before a large, enthusiastic crowd.  The Oregonian's CD review, written by Marty Hughley, bore the headline, "Come and Get It."  Hughley knows his music; you might want to heed his advice!


Around the World, recorded at Jimmy Mak's (Portland, Oregon's top blues/jazz nightclub), captures the band in a more intimate atmosphere, with Sweet Baby James at his soulful, humorous best!  As The Oregonian's Marty Hughley wrote in the liner notes, "Travel around the world and you won't find many musical experiences that can make you feel like this!"

King Louie & Baby James T-Shirts

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